Ready to start mining, crafting and.collecting? Find Alex, Steve, cute mobs, scary mobs, and everything in between in the brand-new Minecraft Adventure Trading Card Collection by Panini! Create, explore, survive and.collect! Discover and collect Minecraft Adventure Trading Cards. 230 cards to collect made up of the following:40 glow-in-the-dark and 40 holographic. There are Panorama cards, Mob and player ones, Structures and many Objects cards. there are also Action and Faces cards! - 9 Panorama cards - A stroll across multiple dimensions! - 36 Mobs and Players cards - Meet players and mobs, and check their drops! - 36 Faces glow cards - Can you recognize all faces? Printed on a special material, charge them in daylight and take them to a dark place to find out! - 27 Structure cards - A stroll across all universes. - 27 Mobs foil cards - The mobs have never looked so shiny! - 72 Item cards - Utilities, weapons, tools and much more! - 23 Action cards - Let's see some 3D action!"