The John Deere Real Sounds Lawnmower is a fun toy that teaches kids the basics of lawn care. They can push it around and pretend that they're cutting the grass. This lawnmower toy has an attractive design with details taken from real machines. There are voice prompts that remind kids to check the gas and oil levels.

It makes noises that simulate real mower sounds for more immersive play. This product teaches kids to have an appreciation for outdoor chores and gets them more active. It requires just three AA batteries to run and comes with a set to get you started. The pretend grass clippings rotate to simulate grass getting cut. You can fold the handle down when they're done playing to make it easier to store away.

? Voice prompts to check oil and gas
? Interactive lawnmower toy
? Mower, gas and oil sounds
? Rotating grass clippings
? Fold-down handle for storage
? Requires 3 AA batteries
? John Deere Lawnmower has a more realistic design
? Sized to be easy for kids to push
? Lawnmower toy encourages kids to play actively
? Includes a pull starter and a throttle on the handle